Bump In The Night

final exam


Darwin – moves well and efficiently, quiet, seems to know tactics but didn’t seem to wait a lot on D’mi, before he started going. Looks like he likes his knives.

D’mi – seems to like to stay at the back, out of the way. Didn’t move in much, right away. Likes to take stock of the situation first from the looks of it.

Rhone – That accuracy is impressive, and he’s obviously had some fighting under his belt. He must have some stories worth telling….useful to have @ one’s back, esp if I can draw an enemy out by horse, like he suggested. Might make a good partnership.

Delany – ran out quickly, good reactions when she found the enemy behind her. Pistol user.

Chad (because this player can’t remember his character’s name) – Essentially a human jack. I’d gladly have him in front of me as a shield, or at my back. A heavy like that w/ human reactions is always useful.



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