Human, Investigator & Bounty Hunter


When Delaney’s mother died in childbirth, her father retired early from a very successful career as a pugilist. Heartbroken, he decided to trade busy city life for the slower paced rural life. He bought a small farm with some of his saved winnings, and took his newest daughter and her four older brothers to live. They worked hard but lived comfortably, safely and happily.

Delaney may have lacked a female influence, but she never knew the difference. She just joined her pack of brothers in all of their shenanigans and rough housing. Her father took pride in teaching all his children how to fight, but most of all how to look out for each other.

Curtis, being closest to Delaney in both age and friendship, followed her out of the farm when they came of age. She wasn’t interested in following in her father’s footsteps, as either a pugilist or a farmer. Before Delaney joined the Order of Illumination, she and Curtis found employment as bounty hunters.

Although the realm teems with dangerous characters, few have the skills needed to bring a man back still breathing. Farm strong, at ease hog-tying a pig, and trained to throw a knockout punch, they both fit that bill. Being raised in the country did bring them up lacking in street smarts though. For Delaney and Curtis, finding the bounty in the first place was easily ten times harder than bringing them back. The pair always had enough coin to cover expenses, but they were never as successful as they would have preferred.


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