Sir Roddrik "The Ram"

Human, mighty knight/man@arms


The key turning point in Roddrik’s life was saving a nobleman’s son in a marketplace. The nobleman, Thaddius, was a knight of great renown. His son, Vincent, wandered from his father’s side and soon found himself a victim of a random mugging. Hearing Vincent’s cry for help, he turned and ran to his son’s aid. His gut wrenching horror quickly turned to awe as he watched Roddrik dispatch the thug with a simple skinning knife.

Seeing the authorities closing in and feeling indebted to the young lad, Thaddius proclaims Roddrik is his ward and (with the help of a few gold coins) the local guard walk away with a grin. With Vincent’s lack of friends his own age and wanting his son to carry on the family tradition of knighthood, Thaddius hopes that Roddrik’s natural gift for violence will rub off on his son.

Roddrik and Vincent soon became fast friends. The sounds of swordplay rang out daily from the family’s large garden as they trained together. In time they would call each other brother, though not when Vincent’s mother, Victoria, was in earshot.

Though Roddrik was her son’s savior, part of Victoria loathed the day her husband brought him home. Fearful that Thaddius favored him over their son, she would treat Roddrik with a cold demeanor. She never missed an opportunity to remind him of where he came from. Roddrik stayed resolute each day, hoping to prove his worth.

Years past and Thaddius went off to war, only to return weeks later badly injured. Roddrik and Vincent, who were away in their training, arrived home to find the family physician storming out looking insulted. On his sick bed, Thaddius presents Roddrik with an old pocket-watch, a family heirloom. He then asks Roddrik to carry on the family tradition of being a knight with his “brother” (much to the disgust of his wife.) Stricken with grief, Victoria casts Roddrik out to never return.

Roddrik later becomes a Sword Knight. Starts each day winding the old pocket-watch while thinking back on his humble beginnings. In his first battle as a sword knight … he managed to break his sword to the hilt. Continuing the fight with only his shield, he earned the nickname “The Ram” after knocking two men over in one charge.

Hearing that his “brother” Vincent had joined the Illuminated Ones, Roddrik sought recruitment in hopes of reuniting. Sticking with his comfort zone, he pursued further training in sword and shield. (man at arms)

Other fluff:

  • Embarrassed at the circumstances which lead to his nickname, he has picked up a compulsive need to “be prepared” (training, upkeep of equipment, diet)
  • Late 30s
  • Always humble with how his life has turned out. Happy, easy going, smiles often.
  • Loves his job.
  • Echo of a good-natured chuckle can be heard from under his helmet when he fights. Especially when he (or his opponent) lands a good hit.

Sir Roddrik "The Ram"

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