Execrator Pistol

Cost: 1,270 gc

Ammo: 2 (heavy round)

Effective Range: 48 feet (8˝)
Extreme Range: 240 feet

Skill: Pistol

Attack Modifier: 0

POW: 11
AOE: —

Description: The signature weapon of the Order of Illumination,
the Execrator is a silver plated, dual-barrel heavy mechanikal
pistol. The weapon’s runeplate charges rounds fired from the
pistol with holy power that is proof against infernals and the
undead. The Execrator’s alchemical capacitor is housed within
its white oak grip.

These ornate weapons are masterpieces of craftsmanship.
They are produced exclusively by the Sancteum’s armory
and generally are available only to members of the Order of
Illumination, though some have made their way into the hands
of wealthy collectors.

Rune Points: 3

Special Rules: Attacks made with this weapon are magical.
Add an additional die to Execrator damage rolls against infernal
and undead characters.
It takes a quick action to load each of the Execrator’s two barrels.
It costs 4 gc for blasting powder, bullets, and metal casings for
five heavy rounds.

Fabrication: The material cost of the Execrator housing is
240 gc. It takes five weeks to smith the weapon. The pertinent
Craft skill for construction is Craft (metalworking).
The Execrator pistol’s runeplates require three weeks to inscribe
and require a successful INT + Mechanikal Engineering or
Lore (Morrowan faith) roll, whichever is lower, against a target
number of 14.


Execrator Pistol

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