Illuminated Ones

The characters are a band of Illuminated Ones, witch hunters of the Order of Illumination. They are tasked with investigating cases of infernalism, mesmerism (mind control), and necromancy for the Church of Morrow. Illuminated Ones take their work very seriously and have the legal authority to act as judge, jury, and executioners.

Requirements: Each member of the company must be a devout human Morrowan and must have at least one of the following careers: Illuminated Arcanist (p88 KNG), Investigator, Knight, or Priest (Morrowan).

Benefits: The characters in the company are regularly dispatched to investigate cases of black magic. Though they have broad powers to conduct their investigations and enforce punishments (up to summary execution), they are still expected to act as law-abiding citizens and faithful members of the Church of Morrow.

Each character created as a member of the company begins with the Iron Will ability and either a Blessed melee weapon (flail, mace, maul, spear, or sword) or an Execrator pistol (p95 KNG). Blessed weapons are magical weapons and have the Blessed ability. (When making an attack with a weapon with the Blessed ability, ignore spell effects that add to a character’s ARM or DEF.)

Illuminated Ones

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