Bump In The Night

First Assignment

Looking for Prelate Lucas Gerrard

Dated : (whatever it is in the Warmachine world at the moment – early-mid spring I think…the player isn’t sure)

So, this is somewhat more unusual than I’d expected. Usually we are sent out singly or in pairs, I don’t know that I’ve heard of a group so large as ours being put together from the Order of Illumination, before. Tho of course, that’s possibly as much due to rank, as anything else.
We were summoned to Vicar Elden, a member of the Vicarate Council, to get details of our assignment, so now here we are, on the way to Scarrowscrath, on the edges of the Bloodstone Marches, to look for the local prelate, Lucas Gerrard. Apparently he’s been missing for roughly 3 mo, perhaps more, depending on when he vanished after sending his last report. Delany and I went thru his corospondence looking for anything that might have indicated trouble, or changes, and found nothing. Must say, the man is detailed, and boring as all get out. I think Delany and I agree on that much. She asks some very good questions (must have investigative training), and I like her sense of humor.
Rather amused – Darwin made a comment during our meeting w/ the Vicar, and now he’s our group’s leader. Seemed rather suprised to be put in charge, but appears to take well to it. Better him than me, tho he isn’t exactly forthcoming with information.
D’mi has decided/agreed to take on the task of the local priest, while we are looking into Gerrard’s disappearance. Based on a couple of her comments on the train, she’s a magic user as well, which might well come in handy, exp if she can magic up her guns like she implied. She also looks the part of the priest, far more than any of the rest of us. Which reminds me, she’ll potentially be in a very good position to gather info on our missing prelate, given how people like to talk.
Rhone. That man. If he wasn’t already dedicated to the church, I’d wonder if he held allegiance to anything other than that gun of his. Doesn’t seem to do a lot besides polish it.
Roddrick still hasn’t said a lot, just a good, solid presence.
Journey uneventful, met a farmer on the way into town but he didn’t know of anything out of the ordinary. Time to look around, and see what tomorrow brings.



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